Red Wing GT

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Junior MaxBik 350
Vigorous 3 Deluxe
Panama Grey 1000w
Panama Grey 1000w
Vig 4 Ever 500
VISTA4 1000w
VISTA4 1000w
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ebikeznz Fun 2
ebikez 500w Electric Wheelchair 203
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Wonder Scooter
Wonder Scooter
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Harley Boy

Here to assist with Personalised Mobility Solutions for you.

We have Great Range of electric bikes and scooters in Christchurch and Rolleston available for your viewing pleasure. Give us a call and come check them out.

Most range is modifiable, extras include mirrors, seats, battery & size of electric motor and colours.

Checkout our electric bike and scooters in the menu at thetop, or click the pic to take you to its page for more details .

Customized models available and supplied approxamately 12 weeks.

To arrange for your electric bike viewing pleasure, contact us at


Call on 021 0223 7779 or 020 4EBIKE4

Proudly Supporting Hope Youth Christchurch

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Marleene Katherine Simpson

These vintage 500 scooters are awesome i got mine lat friday very nice to ride & Jamie is very Awesome to deal with AAA++++:):)

Roger O’Brien

I just thought I would give you an update on the electric wheelchair I bought from you recently.
I gave it to an elderly friend of mine who has been pretty much housebound except for doctors visits etc.
He has taken to it like a duck to water!
Several trips around his neighbourhood with his wife walking alongside. She is also delighted as he can now get out for even simple things like a coffee, previously well beyond him. She has had a go too and spent an evening zipping about their house with a great grin on her face, followed by her son and then her grandchildren. All of them were really impressed.

Definitely the buy of the year, according to my son who is staying with them at the moment!

Well worth it so THANKS!!