2 Wheel Scooters - Red Wing Range

Tiny Traveller

ebikezNZ Roadster

Contact us for your viewing apppointment and check out this Roadster electric bike.

ebikezNZ Big Red

Traveller DH 305

Traveller in/out of Vehicle

500w Electric Wheelchair

Vigorous 4 Deluxe 1000w

Range Introduction

Latest comments

12.10 | 05:47

I am interested in getting a mobility scooter, I live in Nelson and will need to purchase using Work and Income to hopefully finance it, I am looking for advise please Regards Rod

10.08 | 04:11

I am interested in the Vintage 500 model. My requirements are to go to A&P shows so some roughish ground handling may be required. I require an address to get to, to see for myself

12.01 | 18:55

Hi There. Do you have these in stock? And how much to freight to Alexandra. Could the max speed be governed down? Blair Wells put me on to you. Cheers Wayne

11.11 | 23:36

Absolute Pleasure Elaine! Was great meeting you both & I wish you and Eric all the best. Cheers Jamie

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