U1 'Snow' Suitcase travel scooter $3,895

U1 'Snow' Suitcase travel scooter $4,125

Fantastic travel scooter, not only for out and about around home but compliant to fly, cruise ships - all good to go.

Simple to fold & store away, pop into the boot & out to the shops.

When you get there, unfolded surprisingly spacious, with a great amount of legroom! Not only that but a handy box storage compartment in the back seatrest for some of those goodies.

Unlike some similar models, the U1 Snow rear wheels open out from the case body giving you an extra 100mm width, wider wheelbase, greater stability.

Folded Dimension: 420*490*1200mm

Open Dimension: 1200*540*980mm

Weight: 28kg (include battery weight)

Max loading: 100kg

Maximum speed: 20km/h

Speed option : 5km/h, 10km/h, 15km/h, 20km/h

Battery Type: Panasonic18650 Lithium battery

Rated voltage: 48V

Battery capacity: 5.8Ah

Rated power: 350W

Range per charge: 10-25km

Charge time: 3h

Frame Material : Aluminum Alloy

Tire type: Non-pneumatic tire

Wheel size: front: 8’, rear: 10’

Brake: Electromagnetic clutch electronic brake

Latest comments

12.10 | 05:47

I am interested in getting a mobility scooter, I live in Nelson and will need to purchase using Work and Income to hopefully finance it, I am looking for advise please Regards Rod

10.08 | 04:11

I am interested in the Vintage 500 model. My requirements are to go to A&P shows so some roughish ground handling may be required. I require an address to get to, to see for myself

12.01 | 18:55

Hi There. Do you have these in stock? And how much to freight to Alexandra. Could the max speed be governed down? Blair Wells put me on to you. Cheers Wayne

11.11 | 23:36

Absolute Pleasure Elaine! Was great meeting you both & I wish you and Eric all the best. Cheers Jamie

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