We are a small business, operating by appointment & looking forward to helping you into your next set of wheels, our objective is to offer everyone Personalised Mobility Solutions.

Primarily specializing in 3 & 4 wheel mobility e-scooters, if there is a particular style you are after that I do not have, talk to me & I will see what I can do!

In 2009 my wife was diagnosed with MS – Multiple Sclerosis, Primary Progressive.

One of the things I found out about MS is, that it affects your mobility.

We are a bit of an out doorsie kinda family & I wanted to be able to assist her in being able to keep mobile. After a heap of reading, conversations, trials & checks, I began importing scooters.

In 2012 the very 1st scooter I got for my wife was Big Red, she likes the MaxBiK for everyday use, but for travel, the Little Red & Tiny Traveler is a great option.

I love being able to match the preferred scooter to its new owner, knowing the freedom that can come from it.

I also, as requested, have available a couple of “Toys” the Roadster, Triclops, Harley Boy & DH500 style – feel free to come and take them or any of our other scooters for a spin.

We have demo scooters of most models in stock for you to try, a number in stock for immediate purchase, otherwise will order in the specific model you request based on your selection & specifications.

Come and see me & find your match!




Ph 021 0223 7779

email: jamie@ebikeznz.com


Proudly Supporting Hope Youth Christchurch

Proudly Supporting Hope Youth Christchurch


05.02.2021 22:13

Lyn Brittain

Very interested in the vigorous 3 deluxe however we live in Whangarei 160 ks north of Auckland do you know if there is anyone in the North Island who sells these.


06.02.2021 10:12

Hi there Lyn! I'm not aware of another retailer that does this particular model. I ship these all over New Zealand, so can happily accommodate nationally. Feel free to email/call me directly. Cheers

Latest comments

12.01 | 13:58

Hi Jamie

I just thought I would give you an update on the electric wheelchair I bought from you recently.
I gave it to an elderly friend of mine who has been pretty much housebound except for doctors visits etc.
He has taken to it like a duck to water!
Several trips around his neighbourhood with his wife walking alongside. She is also delighted as he can now get out for even simple things like a coffee, previously well beyond him. She has had a go too and spent an evening zipping about their house with a great grin on her face, followed by her son and then her grandchildren. All of them were really impressed.

Definitely the buy of the year, according to my son who is staying with them at the moment!

Well worth it so THANKS!!

10.08 | 04:11

I am interested in the Vintage 500 model. My requirements are to go to A&P shows so some roughish ground handling may be required. I require an address to get to, to see for myself

12.01 | 18:55

Hi There. Do you have these in stock? And how much to freight to Alexandra. Could the max speed be governed down? Blair Wells put me on to you. Cheers Wayne

11.11 | 23:36

Absolute Pleasure Elaine! Was great meeting you both & I wish you and Eric all the best. Cheers Jamie

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